Silver Earrings For Women | FAQs | NÖRA BOUTIQUE

Here are some answers to our most FAQs about our silver earrings. Shop our designs here.

  1. Will sterling silver earrings irritate my ears?

No. Silver earrings made of 925 sterling silver have a higher percentage of pure silver which is safer for people with sensitive skin. The other percentage can contain nickel or copper. But all our jewellery is nickel-free.

  1. Does sterling silver earrings turn green?

Over the years it can start to tarnish, but this will depend on how you treat your jewellery. Cleaning it with a soft cloth and keeping it a closed space such as a jewellery box will make it last for longer.

   3. Are silver earrings bad?

No. Like gold, sterling silver is a resistant metal and a safe choice for people with sensitive ears. 

   4. Can I shower with silver earrings?

It will not harm the metal but over the years the earrings can start to tarnish. We recommend you to take them off. 

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