Gold plated necklace | FAQs | NÖRA BOUTIQUE

Here you can find some of the most frequent asked questions about our gold plated necklaces. Discover our unique designs here
     1. How long do gold plated necklaces last?

About two years. However, this will depend on how you maintain your jewellery, for example keeping it in a jewellery box and cleaning it frequently will make it last longer

     2. Is gold plated real gold?

No. Gold plated jewellery is not made of gold. Normally the base metal is sterling silver or steel and then a layer of gold is deposited over the base metal.

    3. Are gold plated necklaces good?

 Yes. Gold plated jewellery is an amazing alternative for real gold because it is more affordable, has a beautiful gold color and can still last for years.

    4. What is the difference between 14k and 18k?

14K gold plating contains 58.3% of gold and 18k contains 75%.

    5.  Can you shower with gold plated necklaces?

It will not harm the base metal but it damage the layer of gold and reduce the shine.

    6. Is gold plating real gold?

Yes. It contains a percentage of pure gold. 



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