Our Story


We are a female-owned brand based in London, United Kingdom. NÖRA comes from our founder's name Leonora, it has been her nickname since she was little.

Our purpose: Motivate. Inspire. Empower. Celebrate. 

Unique & high-quality jewellery designed by empowered women for empowered women. We know just what YOU need. 

Jewellery influences how women feel. It makes you feel confident and empowered. Once you've put your jewels on, you will be unstoppable! 

 "Jewellery is the armor you wear everyday to slay for another day!"

About our founder

Hi! This is Leonora. Nice to meet you. Thank you for being interest in my brand. I would like to introduce myself. I am a 22 year old girl living in London. I came here to become a scientist, however, the tables have turned and I've discovered my real passion: entrepreneurship. 

This is a one person business. Behind this brand is just a tiny girl. I was able to start a business with no knowledge about business or marketing, while I am still studying Biomedical Sciences at university. I am very passionate about jewellery, women empowerment & entrepreneurship. I combined all these passions by launching my jewellery brand which has the goal of celebrating and empowering women through unique jewellery designs.

We women are capable of achieving anything we want in life and I am here to help you see that with empowering jewellery, that not only will look stunning on you and elevate your look, but it will impact how you feel :)





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