Which Earrings Work With Which Face Shape?

When it comes to accessorizing yourself there are endless choices you will have to make. Although fashion is an art trough where people can express themselves, and the reality is that there are no limits to it, there are still some tips and tricks that may be very helpful and that you could take into consideration when selecting which pieces of jewellery are the most compatible and suitable for you. 

Heart-shaped faces 

With a wider forehead area accentuating the eyes and a narrow chin it could be beneficial to balance the triangle shape that the angles create to have a visually harmonic look. You can achieve this by wearing pendants, particularly those that are longer and wider in the bottom. 

Round-shaped faces 

With a round face what you could do is to use earrings that will make the illusion of a narrower shape. Wear drop earrings, long earrings or even studs. Circular shaped earrings are to be avoided, since they will not enhance the figure. NÖRA has the Antheia Studs, an excellent choice for round-shaped faces. 

Square-shaped faces 

Prominent jawlines require delicate pieces to tone down the sculpted figure of your face. Try wearing round or curved shaped earrings that have the opposite structure of your face to find some balance. The star huggie hoops or the Athena Hoops are a perfect match for you. 

Oval-shape faces 

This is the most easy face structure to accessorize since its proportions are already harmonical. You can experiment with different types of earrings, like the Melia Hoops or the Arbor Studs

Inverted triangle-shaped faces 

If your chin is much less wide than your forehead, in order to even the angles created by the triangular face shape, wider earrings are a go-to for you. Also, teardrops and hoops with elements that hang, such as the Minimalist Huggie Hoops will achieve congruity in the figure.

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