What is Tarnish Free Jewellery

Tarnish-free jewellery does not turn green or black. Tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction. It happens when the base metal reacts with other component in the air such as oxygen or when you shower with your jewellery on. 

Which metals tarnish and which ones do not  

Jewellery made from metals such as copper and brass easily tarnish.

If you are looking for jewellery that you can safely wear in the shower or in the gym, you should choose stainless or titanium steel.

925 Sterling silver is also durable and does not easily tarnish, however we advise you to not wear in the shower to keep the shiny colour for longer. It can take up to 2,5 years for sterling silver to start to tarnish so do not worry too much about it. 

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Tarnish free jewellery

 How to prevent tarnishing 

1. Keep your jewellery in a dry and closed space (jewellery boxes, pouches)

2. Clean it regularly with a soft cloth

3. Keep it dry






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