What is Hypoallergenic Jewellery?

Hypoallergenic jewellery means there is a low risk of triggering an allergic reaction. Most hypoallergenic jewellery is made from sterling silver, fine silver, stainless steel, titanium, platinum and gold. 

How can you tell if jewellery is hypoallergenic? Check for the product's details, it should say nickel free and hypoallergenic. 

If you have sensitive skin or even if you don't have, but wish to buy hypoallergenic jewellery which makes it safer for you to wear all day, check our website! Our jewellery is hypoallergenic.

Below are some of our pieces!

Star Huggie Hoops

hypoallergenic earrings

Thalia Huggie Hoops

hypoallergenic earrings

Melia Hoops

hypoallergenic earrings
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