The Wholeness of Hoop earrings

From the beginning of time, hoop earrings have been a statement piece. They are the most versatile piece of jewelry, sometimes bold and other times classy. There are numerous ways to style them, and it’s not difficult to do so!

A bit of history

Egyptians wore them first, and this is not hard to believe since we all know how much they loved embellishments, precious stones and anything metal-made. For the Egyptian civilization the earrings they wore,but in particular hoop shaped ones, represented their capital, showing opulence and looking luxurious. The thicker the hoop, the wealthier its porter.

The Greeks were not left behind, men and women adorned their ear with this piece of jewelry and showed their beauty to the rest. It is believed that hoops elevated their elegance and appeal, and they were right to think so! The Roman Empire followed, and with them the rest of the world.

Hoops had a strong participation during the Renaissance period in the middle age, and royals wore them to their extravagant balls and parties. But time passed and they started to infiltrate other social status as well, becoming a staple in many people’s daily outfit. In the 1900s, as a reinvention of Egyptian’s art, hoop earrings made a comeback, and they stayed forever.

We’ve seen them in many important pop culture moments, like Madonna rocking them while giving stadium concerts, Gwen Stefani wearing them to red carpets and Victoria Beckham styling hoops with just a white tank top and some worn jeans. But they are not just a deluxe accessory, they also hold a meaningful place in Black and Latino women, who have worn them (and still do) to symbolise their courage and sisterhood.

Nowadays, hoop earrings come in many shapes, widths and colors, dressing up or down a look, but they will all have in common their wholeness, their capacity of empowering women.

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