The power of Minimal Jewellery

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail", said Leonardo Da Vinci, the Grand Mastermind artist and inventor. We as humans have learned with time that the key to integrity also resides in the little things, in the details. In the fashion world the same thing happens.

Minimal jewellery could be the detail that elevates your whole look without making a big fuss. It can mold into everyone’s personality, since it goes very well with casual, elegant or funky outfits. Essentially, minimal pieces will effortlessly help to have a cleaner and well-put together look, which is something most of us are looking for, right?

For the casual gals

Some people just wanna keep it simple and casual, and that’s just fine! If you are not interested in investing so much time planning outfits or if you just prefer a more plain and smooth look, minimal jewelry is just the right fit for you. You can achieve this, for example,  by adding a thin necklace and some small gold hoops, and just with that the dainty pieces will create a very charming visual effect and a more confident self! 

NÖRA has your back, it offers you a catalogue of various minimal jewellery options, like the Melia Hoops and the Mia Link Chain

    small gold hoops                                    gold chain necklace


Feeling fun & funky

For the adventurous souls, the life-of-the-party and everyone out there who likes to be bold and maybe take a bigger risk, minimal jewellery is an excellent friend of yours. 

So, how can minimal mean fun? Well, if you play a little bit with your creativity, you can find many ways to accessorize jewels and achieve a fashionable look! Try layering some pieces, just like rings and bracelets. Wearing different length necklaces, made out of the same or a different material, is also a bold move. Many thin bracelets with stones and some matching stone earrings will make a lovely and interesting presence. 

Like always, some designs NÖRA has for you are the Initial Letter Necklace that you can pair up with the Ariel one.  Shiny Star Huggie Hoops and the Zaria ring with the Moon & Sun will complete the look and make you stand out from the crowd.

        initial letter necklace                            huggie hoop earrings


Elegance at its best

If delicacy and sophistication are your fashion go to’s, minimal jewellery perfectly fits your purpose. The polish look of a necklace like the Rose one NÖRA offers, along with the Antheia studs and the Theia Ring are just the most ideal exquisite combo. Gold or silver, with or without stones, there’s a wide range of options to choose from.

            gold pendant necklace with rose engraved                crown gold ring

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