Jewellery Care Guide - 5 Easy & Quick Tips

It is very important to clean and store your jewellery properly - so we can keep its sparkle & gold/silver shine at its best! 

Here are some quick & easy tips that will make your jewels last longer. 

1. Take it off when you go to sleep. 

2. If it is not made from stainless or titanium steel - remove when you shower and keep away from liquids.

3. Clean it regularly with a soft cloth - you will be surprise how dirty your jewels can get.

4. Apply any perfume & creams before putting your jewellery on. 

5. Store it properly in a closed & dark place - jewellery boxes or pouches. 

Our orders include a luxury jewellery box which can be used to store your jewellery - so do not worry if you do not have a box already (you will get an amazing one)!

Gold adjustable rings

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