Huggie Hoops - A fashion trend you cannot miss

Have you ever heard the expression "Good things come in small package"? Well, this perfectly describes huggie hoops. Huggies are hoops that "hug" your earlobe, hence they are little hoops. However, huggies can elevate your look in an amazing way. They look elegant with any type of outfit, from elegant to casual. 

These are the type of earrings that every woman should have. We all know, some days we, women, just want to do a ponytail or a braid, wear our comfy lounge set and relax. Well, as I said before, huggies can be easily styled with any look and this is the perfect example. Feeling comfortable but looking elegant at the same time. I believe I speak for all women when I say I don't feel comfortable having a ponytail and no earrings. I just feel like something is missing. Well, since I own a few styles of huggie hoops in gold and silver and I do not have this issue anymore.

Get yourself a pair of huggie hoops! You will not regret it. 

Here are the huggie earrings we have at the moment available at our shop (they are WAITING for YOU)

1. Star huggie hoops

2. Thalia Huggie Hoops

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